Monday, October 26th, CHRC’s Community Outreach Advocates, Senior Program Manager (Althea Barnett), and Executive Director (Dr. Ericka King-Betts) were recognized before Cincinnati City Council’s Budget & Finance Committee for their hard work and dedication. We thank Council, the City Administration and the attendees for the warm applause and ovation.
The Community Outreach Advocates (COA’s) are part of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV). The COA’s are key on-the-ground work…ers. They are able to work in neighborhoods adversely experiencing high levels of violence alongside residents. Because of the life and personal experiences of each COA he or she is able to identify with the target population and therefore able to build a relationship of trust that can lead to changed life directions.
The COA’s work to reduce gun-related violence among chronic violent offenders affiliated with street gang/groups through community engagement, violence interruption (performing street outreach in response to group/gang member involved shootings to determine circumstances contributing to shooting and to develop better prevention strategies; and engage in conflict mediation to prevent retaliatory shooting), CIRV Message Delivery (providing testimonials of experience, strength and hope at call ins, on the streets, in the jail, prison visits, etc.); and through coaching and mentoring.

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October 27th, 2015

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